Who We Are

Singapore Based Acai Bar

First time we tasted Acai Berry was more than 10 years ago when we were studying in the UK and since then, we have become Acai addicts. When the pandemic kicked in and we couldn't find Acai bowl delivery to our place, we have decided to make the Acai bowls ourselves. We know the importance for people to have access to fresh and affordable food (Acai bowl in our case) especially during this pandemic. Rainbowl Acai Bar was created in order to fill this need for our beloved Singapore community bringing the superfood to boost our immunity during this difficult time.

 In this hot and humid country, Acai bowl can be any refreshing meal of the day from breakfast to lunch, to a light dinner or just an afternoon treat for yourself.  



with love, 

J & D

Image by Vicky Ng